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Light Bar Cover For RDS SR-Series Pro 20, 30, 40 And 50 Inch Clear RIGID Industries

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RIGID light covers are the perfect solution for style and function. Give your vehicle a unique look while also protecting your investment. These light covers are made from a durable polycarbonate plastic that offers an extra layer of protection for the lens of your LED light. These covers snap on and off, so swapping them out is very easy.

They are also perfect for areas that require covers on accessory lights. This kit contains one 11 Inch light cover. Purchase with the 10 Inch SR-Series PRO covers for full coverage of your RDS SR-Series PRO LED light bar. Available colors are: amber, clear, smoke or black.

  • Easy To Snap On and Off
  • Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Extra Layer of Protection
  • Sold in 11 Inch Lengths
  • For Full Coverage Of RDS SR-Series
  • 20 Inch Light Bar Requires One 10 Inch And One 11 Inch Cover
  • 30 Inch Light Bar Requires Two 10 Inch and One 11 Inch Cover
  • 40 Inch Light Bar Requires Three 10 Inch And One 11 Inch cover
  • 50 Inch Light Bar Requires Four 10 Inch And One 11 Inch Cover