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Justin's Tacoma "The Shredder"
Justin brought his Tacoma to our shop for a complete overhaul of the front end. His front core support (holds the grill, headlights, radiator, intercoolers, etc) was completely destroyed/broken in 7 different places. We cut it out completely and fabricated a customized new tubed core support tailored to his truck. We also built new tabs & supports for the radiator, supercharger, intercooler, condenser, headlights, grill and hood pins. We also completed an engine cage for extra support with an added cross-bar for flex support. To round it off, we converted his 2nd gen to a 2.5 gen with new headlights, grill, and hood.

FJ Cruiser - Stock to totally built!
We had a client bring his FJ Cruiser in stock looking to be fully built out. We installed an Icon Stage 5 suspension kit with 2.5" front coils, true travel boxed heimed uppers, rear icon shocks with reservoirs, black rhino wheels and mud terrain tires. We also completed a Body Armor rear bumper install, bushwhacker fender flares, Resfab DIY front bumper welded, customized and installed with a badlands winch. Also featured were Baja Designs lights. We also handled all of the electrical / wiring up of all electronics.


Skadi_Tundra's Offroad ADV fiberglass
On Skadi_Tundra, we installed fiberglass fenders in the front and rear which included a custom tailored solution to fit. Rear bed fenders cut off and custom fitted.



4Runner - Advanced Fiberglass
This client brought us a 4Runner where we installed & custom fitted their front Advanced Fiberglass fenders

Tundra - Customized Rear Pre-runner style bumper
This client brought his 2016 Tundra in for a specific need. He wanted a bolt-on pre-runner style rear bumper that maintained the structural integrity of the OEM hitch. We were able to fabricate a custom solution tailored to fit all of his requirements, while working around the OEM hitch allowing for factory-rated towing integrity to be maintained.

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